This blog seeks to exhort, question and expose many truth-claims and Christian principles found among many mainstream Christian leaders and those representing the faith.  Since the Bible hasn't changed, and is the only reliable source of ultimate truth, we need to focus on what this proven text says against all other truth claims - even from well known, highly regarded sources.  

The Harder Truths was birthed out of a strong desire to help Christian musicians see that they must maintain theological integrity within their lyrics which prompted me to write my first article, "Christian Music Theology: Bad to Worse?"  In it, I address my greatest concerns as I expose certain Christian artists and groups who claim definitive, unbiblical truth claims.  Since many people are not reading their Bibles, the only Christian message they may come across in their life could be only from the music they hear.  This is why it is so important that musicians communicate a proper, sound message that does not mislead people into a wrong idea about God and the message He is communicating through His Word.  

Since I wrote this article, subsequent articles have since followed. 

My aim not to attack my fellow Christians, but to expose false truth and exhort them as well as those on the fringes of the faith.  In this pursuit it has greatly helped me in the examination of my own faith and has increased my own spiritual growth.  

I hope you enjoy the articles, and I hope it sparks a fire in your heart to live your life wholeheartedly for the Lord in accordance with Scripture.

If you wish to contact me you can do so at satfreak5@yahoo.com.

God bless you!

About the Author

Greg Cooper is a born-again Christian since 2000.  Having a passion for the Truth of the Gospel, he recently began a blog after being lead to write about the changing dynamics within the Christian Music Industry.  His writings have expanded into other areas of Christian life, which are designed to challenge the body of Christ.  They include topics which straightforwardly expose false Christian ideas to what can be considered the “harder truths” of the Bible.  Greg lives with his wife Francesca in Southern California and has four adopted children.  They are in process of adopting a fifth from Haiti.  Their family story has recently been shared in a recent short documentary, “Committed: An Adoption Story”, which explores their family journey with the intent of encouraging the church to make an impact in children's lives through adoption. 


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