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'New Life Live' Radio Host's Unsound Statement

'New Life Live' Radio Hosts Compromise to the Philosophies of Psychology By Greg Cooper Family and Marriage Therapist  Dr. Sherri Keffer uttered a very unexpected message to caller Dottie from North Beach, Maryland, who dialed in to the nationally syndicated show, New Life Live , on May 22, 2017 needing some advice regarding her friend's behavior: "I'm the mom you never had" , she told the caller - twice! Odd messages such as these are coming from therapists and those who can be described as "Christian Psychologists", in the long standing #1 nationally syndicated Christian counseling talk show   New Life Live   , whose goal is it to help people with a variety of personal issues.  Its reach spans over 150 named Christian Radio markets .   Off-the-wall statements such as this warrant continued concern over how psychology conflicts with sound, biblical truths, and how it may be leading people

Enduring Through the Race to Eternal Life

A believer must not simply declare victory at the beginning of his conversion, but must endure and finish the race before him to completion in order to obtain the prize of eternal life. by Greg Cooper I  know of no dedicated couple who has walked into a chapel on their wedding day expecting to very soon spitefully hate their spouse months later, or no supercharged Olympic long distance runner charging forward following the starting gun with the thought, 'I'm starting this race, but I'm definitively not finishing it'!  No established building contractor would likely be found not expecting to complete an end-product; perhaps no seasoned, highly recognized school teacher may even have a fleeting thought that she will end up utterly despising and abandoning her little first grade students by the end of the year.  It would be surprising to hear of someone even slightly expecting such a devastating result that from which they firstly had in mind.  With the Chri