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More Christian Leaders Succumb To 'Pride' As the Church Buckles Under the Gay Agenda

The LGBT community's relentless drive to push an anti-biblical agenda is damaging an already weakening pastoral leadership.  Could this be the beginning of an unstoppable "Slide of Compromise" for the Church? The LGBT agenda has been driving on full force in recent months.  Since this June's (2019) celebration of "Pride Month", the movement has literally dominated social media trends, department store themes, parades, commercials, and celebrity endorsements in what appears to be a strategic move for a massive campaign for its total normalization by a demoralized society. In the United States, the White House was allowed to be illuminated in rainbow colors.  Storefronts now fly colors proudly with accompanying statements such as "All Are Welcome Here" (as if the identifying LGBT community wasn't before).  Public schools have been forcing their students to question their sexual identities with mandatory classes.  Online news outlets strategica