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For Christians, TV Viewing Habits and Halloween Participation May Go Hand-in-Hand

By Greg Cooper Today, it is reported that over three-quarters of professing Christians celebrate Halloween ( Source ).  Of the 323 million people living in the United States, the vast majority identify themselves as being Christian ( Source ). This means that there are literally millions of professing believers actively participating in and endorsing Halloween, the day on which Satanists, witches, and occultists prefer to sacrifice animals and children to the devil ( Source ). Could this also be linked to what Christians are ingesting through television and movies?  Christians Swayed By Media? Christians may in fact be more easily swayed to accept Halloween, with all its evils, by what they watch.   It is a sad fact that there are believers today who have immersed themselves in the entertainment media culture which surrounds us.   Instead of heeding God’s warning to “come out of them [temples of idolatry] and being separate,” as the Bible urges us (2 Corinthians 6:17), s


Hugh Hefner's Death is a Reminder of Pornography's Toll on Families   Since Playboy’s founding, Hugh Hefner has “helped” millions of fathers shift their eyes, hearts and minds through the allure of his images. As a vessel of immorality, he has pushed men to perhaps unintentionally break the very cisterns that were designed to protect these children from the lies of the enemy... Christian Music Theology - Bad to Worse? If you have listened to Christian music lately, you may (or may not) have noticed a trend, or a movement, that has evolved throughout the Christian Music Industry. It isn't what it used to be.  It is an ever-evolving theatre of Millennials and aspiring Generation Zs that are reflecting a new culture of mainstream Christianity through their music. More and more, Christian music is leavened with bad theology. Why the 'Shack' Artist List May Shock You It could be said that it is probably not an accident that


This blog seeks to exhort, question and expose many truth-claims and Christian principles found among many mainstream Christian leaders and those representing the faith.  Since the Bible hasn't changed, and is the only reliable source of ultimate truth, we need to focus on what this proven text says against all other truth claims - even from well known, highly regarded sources.   The Harder Truths was birthed out of a strong desire to help Christian musicians see that they must maintain theological integrity within their lyrics which prompted me to write my first article,  "Christian Music Theology: Bad to Worse?"   In it, I address my greatest concerns as I expose certain Christian artists and groups who claim definitive, unbiblical truth claims.  Since many people are not reading their Bibles, the only Christian message they may come across in their life could be only from the music they hear.  This is why it is so important that musicians communicate a proper,

Hugh Hefner’s Death is a Reminder of Pornography’s Toll on Families

By Greg Cooper If you haven't yet heard, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner  recently died at the ripe old age of 91. He founded the Playboy Enterprise in 1953. For him, it was a fulfillment of a “dream”.    While the vast majority of the public is reacting to Hefner’s death by reflecting on a supposed “positive” legacy (as many often do when eulogizing deceased “celebrities”), scores and scores of men, women and children’s lives have been detrimentally affected as a result of the fruit of his life. Without argument, he left a legacy, but not an admirable one. Rather, a legacy which left an immeasurable trail of destruction - one which will undoubtedly also continue to adversely affect generations to come - with eternal ramifications that could be far worse than we may ever realize. Through the success of Playboy magazine, the luxurious empire existed around his masterpiece and den of immorality: The Playboy Mansion . Biblically speaking, it can be likened to the altar o