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Sexual Sin – A Scriptural Exhortation for the Believer

Are you a Christian struggling with sexual sin? Are you desiring freedom? Many books and programs have been written and exist to combat the problem. Most of these contain  man's wisdom  in psychology, brain chemistry and may include some promises from Scripture, which are meant for those of us who are walking in truth (3 John vs. 4).  How to overcome I have found that God's Word, a willingness to repent and being around godly men is what we need.  Many programs that claim to be Christian lean toward only a specific aspect of God's grace, which are used to gently encourage, but lack power because they do not include the more challenging Scriptures, which ironically are the ones that we may need the most in dealing with this sin.  It is fitting to focus in on the grace that includes God's convicting and helping power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God in its entirely, which is also written to produce fearful warnings to believers.   If you are caught up in sexua